Customer Onboarding

Understand utility customer onboarding benefits and

best practices that drive engagement


Utilities need an efficient and cost effective onboarding process to ensure customer satisfaction from the very beginning.

Customer onboarding is the process that takes place after a new customer requests water, electric and/or gas service and sets up their utility account.

The eBook: Utility Customer Onboarding Guide is a useful guide for marketing, communications, member services, customer experience and other utility professionals considering or rethinking their onboarding process. Packed with the latest data and trends you will learn:

  • 4 reasons why electric and gas utilities need effective customer onboarding
  • 5 best practices including why a digital communication strategy is key for engaging new customers
  • How two utilities are effectively onboarding new customers and members

Improve engagement and satisfaction right from the start. See if your current customer onboarding process measures up. Get your free eBook now.


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