Keeping the Natural Gas Option

January 31, 2023 | 2:00 Eastern

Having a robust and balanced supply and demand side portfolio seems to have gone out of style.  All we hear about now is that natural gas is the problem, even in the short run.  While long run goals are to decarbonize the grid, the interim situation is clearly that incremental electric loads such as EVs and the banning of natural gas in new construction is going to increase carbon dioxide in almost all cases.

Join us for a thought provoking, one-hour look at the concept of Beneficial Gasification where our founder, Joel Gilbert P.E., will discuss the transportation portfolio, which rightfully includes both electric and natural gas vehicles.  Joel has an extensive background in energy portfolio planning and has driven a Tesla Model S for almost a decade.  Commissioner Tim Echols will also join us to share his perspective on these issues.  He drives a natural gas fueled truck.  Plus, we will be joined by Carl Garofalo, Director of Sustainability and Renewable Gas Solutions for Southern Gas who will address the National Accounts perspective and their goal to reduce carbon footprints with renewable natural gas while keeping their cost goals in clear view.

Carl’s perspective will illustrate why banning natural gas in some parts of the country, in commercial kitchens, and for water heating simply makes no sense in the near term.  There are end-uses where electricity is the better choice … and areas where natural gas is better.  If we are going to use the Beneficial Electrification banner, it should be placed alongside the Beneficial Gasification one.  There are areas where electricity is the better technology in the short run, but the categorical elimination of natural gas at this time makes no sense.

Our Presenters

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