About Apogee

Compelling Presentation. Proven Accuracy. Real Results.

If you want to work with professionals who understand utility customer relationships and their energy use, then you'll want to work with Apogee Interactive.

We chose our name – Apogee Interactive – for a very specific reason. We take pride in pushing our energy analysis capabilities and Internet applications to their highest levels. We combine razor-sharp analytics and creative digital marketing with applications that speak to the needs of today’s energy utilities helping them increase program participation, customer satisfaction and engagement.

Whether it’s home energy analysis, smart grid integration, billing data presentment or commercial facility energy management, our applications uncover the best possible opportunities to provide customers with the information needed to make better energy decisions fostering trust and positioning the utility as a credible source of energy information.

We help educate utility consumers about their energy use — with a level of analysis suited to the customer’s needs and abilities: homeowners, business owners, small commercial and large commercial/industrial consumers.

About Us

Apogee’s founders are seasoned energy management professionals with a passion for helping utilities offer cutting-edge engagement tools to their customers.

Our clients are leading investor-owned, cooperative and municipal energy utilities across the country and their key trade associations.

Our team is comprised of chemical engineers, nuclear engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, and cutting-edge Web programmers -– all on staff. They design and maintain our proprietary AuditMation Energy Analysis System. Their algorithms and coding account for and analyze the most comprehensive set of data points.

Apogee’s user interface specialists, Web designers and electronic communications specialists translate the technical data into relevant, clear and compelling communications to customers.



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