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We’re successful because we help our clients be successful. That includes offering you marketing support and materials to help drive traffic to your new online content and applications from Apogee. We also have case studies and samples of marketing communications campaigns implemented by utilities just like yours.

For access to these samples or if you need a high resolution art file or customization, please contact Karen Morris or call 678-684-6801. We’re happy to create custom items, but please allow at least 5 to 10 business days for production.

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Jump start your promotions. We can customize any of the artwork on this page to meet your size requirements along with adding your logo and URL address. We also offer customized creative services to take your ideas from thought to print.

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InteractiveEnergyHome™ Learn how to save energy, room by room. Mouse over furnishings and appliances and click to see energy-saving tips.


HomeEnergyCalculator™ Get quick estimates of your home’s current energy-use costs. See how much you can save just by making a few changes.


HomeEnergySuite™ (with BillingInsightsThis reliable information resource answers questions regarding your home’s energy use. These easy to use online tools provide energy and bill analysis, interactive energy education for kids and an extensive energy library.


Kids Korner It’s all about energy! Colorful, interactive energy info and games that capture the imagination of young and old alike.


Fundamentals of Electricity Learn the basics of electricity step by step – from power generation and energy delivery to electrical safety.


Lighting Calculator See exactly how much money you can save by switching from standard bulbs to compact fluorescent lights.


 HomeEnergyLibrary Find your answers in this energy library that covers it all — home design and construction techniques to the latest in energy-efficiency equipment and appliances.


 Appliance Calculator See how it all adds up. Get down-to-the-penny energy operating costs for more than 50 different home appliances and electronic devices.


BillingInsights An ideal self-diagnostic tool that quickly analyses your home’s actual energy use and compares it against predicted normal use to uncover any anomalies that may be due to changes in local weather, occupants or operation of end-use equipment.


Commercial Calculator Quick detailed estimates of energy use costs for your business facility. Compares your facility to other businesses like yours. More than 60 different business types modeled.


Understanding Demand Larger business customers have two distinct components to their electric bill: electricity demand and electricity usage. This interactive and intuitive module explains the electricity demand portion and its impact on your monthly bill.


Commercial Energy Library Find explanations and examples for questions that business owners deal with on a daily basis. Thousands of pages of easily understood information cover topics like energy and demand, peak and non-peak demand, varying rate schedules, commercial and industrial energy technologies, and more.


Commercial Lighting Calculator Commercial building operators and energy managers can quickly pinpoint significant energy saving opportunities for their facilities. The Lighting Calculator instantly shows energy savings possible, bulb by bulb, watt by watt, and dollar by dollar.


Commercial Water Heating This online calculator helps monitor and control energy costs for interior and exterior water use in a commercial setting. Learn how to saving money as well as gauge the impact of various equipment and operational choices.


Commercial Heat Comparison This appealing online “measuring tool” compares a variety of heating sources, such as heat pump, natural gas, propane, and geothermal. Match your existing or proposed commercial equipment and fuel prices to decide on upgrades and energy-saving options.


Irrigation Calculator Energy costs are a huge part of farm irrigation budgets. This calculator features the popular “sliding bar” to compare various power sources based on number of acres, pounds per square inch to pump, pump motor size, and more.


Pool & Spa Heating Calculator This calculator offers an operating cost comparison for pools and spas. With inputs on size, fuel source, pump size, and number of hours daily of operation, the customer sees a month-by-month projection of costs.


Outdoor Lighting Calculator Find the costs and options for your outdoor lighting with this appealing calculator. You can model existing lighting by entering type, output (lumens), number of lights, hours per day of operation, and cost per kWh. The tool instantly presents in kWh, dollars and even carbon.


On-Hold Telephone Messages

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30-second A

Looking for ways to cut your monthly energy costs? Let our new on-line Home Energy Calculator do the math for you! It’s fast and it’s free. Just visit our web site at (URL) and click on the Home Energy Calculator button. Follow the prompts to size up your home’s current energy use. Then test-run a variety of changes and the calculator will show your potential energy dollar savings for each. Click on the calculator now for the real numbers on saving energy and money in your home.


30-second B

What does an extra TV or two cost you each month in electricity? Or how about when you add a new computer in your home or place an old refrigerator in your garage? You can get the answers – quick — from our web site. Visit (URL) and select Home Energy Calculator. From there, use any one of our three interactive tools for calculating energy dollars savings: one for appliances, one for home lighting, and one for your whole house. Visit our web site today and find out the true numbers on what’s using the most — and least — energy in your home.


30-second C

Are you watching your home energy budget closely? Get fast and free advice on how to save with our new on-line Home Energy Calculator. Simply visit our web site at (URL) and select the Home Energy Calculator button. Then follow the prompts to get a clear picture of your home’s current energy use. Next, try some “virtual changes” and see the dollar savings estimated for each. With a few key strokes on your computer, you’ll soon know which energy saving measures will produce the most dollar savings in your home. It’s easy. Our on-line calculator does the math for you!


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For access to these samples or if you need a high resolution art file or customization, please contact Karen Morris or call 678-684-6801. We’re happy to create custom items, but please allow at least five to 10 business days for production.

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