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Apogee understands that commercial customers are busy and difficult to engage. We can help utilities cost-effectively engage and provide valuable information to utility staff, business owners, and operators educating them on their energy use and empowering them to make smart choices.


Apogee’s Commercial Energy Calculator is designed to help key account and national account managers, commercial call center members, and small to medium commercial customers engage. The goal is to engage with a solution that increases customer satisfaction, promotes programs, and transforms the relationship between the utility and its commercial customers. The commercial audit will help customers understand, manage, and even predict their energy costs.

Utilities can leverage Apogee’s personized proactive outbound communications to increase exposure and encourage participation in programs such as commercial cooking, water heating, and swimming pool heating.


Benefits to Account Managers:

  • National Accounts are looking for something more than DOE generalized benchmarks this tool helps them offer personalized benchmarks to each customer location.
  • Provides bill analysis for each of the multi-site buildings in the service territory (McDonald’s, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) explains the bills, reduces calls to the business call center and raises customer satisfaction.
  • Offers total electric building comparisons on rates along with electrification opportunities associated with material handling, swimming pool heating using heat pumps for the hotels – identifying achievable beneficial electrification.
  • Reduces or eliminates the time in onsite audits by using this solution as a pre-screening tool.
  • Provides a relevant summary report that will outline recommendations via email, print or download.
  • Provides an end-of-year summary of energy use with recommendations and a call to action.

Benefits to the Business Contact Center: 

  • Commonly used for setting deposits for new customers.  Give customers estimates of the bills so they better understand the utility deposit policy.
  • Access to a library of practical energy technology content.
  • Provides high bill analysis keeping calls short when customers who do call in.
  • Reduces calls to the call center through self-service problem identification – we have proven this tool reduces the request for onsite audits.
  • Assists in understanding rate options.  The tool accurately models demand and energy characteristics.
  • Ability to send the output report to the customer electronically.
  • Outbound communications can increase exposure and encourage electricity use over fuels especially in commercial cooking, water heating, and swimming pool heating.

Benefits to Commercial Customers:

  • Help customers understand, manage, and even predict their energy costs.
  • Compare scenarios to determine the benefit of changing out elements of the profile and see the impact on total cost, use, and rate impacts.
  • Provide energy personalized with their profile, bill data, and weather zone.
  • Exposes customers to programs that are available –  increases uptake 4x over just presenting the programs online.
  • Easy to download, email, or print the report with energy-saving recommendations.



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