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The AESP Southeast Web Conference Series

Innovative Marketing Approaches





AESP SE Webinar Bios


Ann Fracas is Vice President of Business Development at Apogee Interactive. Ann focuses on a consultative ‘customer first’ approach driven by business needs and value. She has a passion for developing strong long-term business relationships and finding the right solutions to maximize a client’s investment.







AESP SE Webinar Bios


Jamie Farmer is a Brand Strategy Specialist at Georgia Power and is responsible for brand development initiatives through innovative and efficient marketing and communication strategic campaigns. She leverages customer analytics for thorough market evaluation, develops collateral material for agency recruitment and to support initiatives. She also manages social media strategies, manages agency fundraising, recruitment campaigns, pre and post-event planning and participant involvement.






AESP SE Webinar Bios


Art Christianson is a Senior Manager at The Home Depot responsible for utility and government rebates. He is passionate about delivering high quality and value to clients through efficiency and continually improving processes. Art believes that high client satisfaction can be delivered without having to sacrifice a process focused approach. His areas of expertise include operations, custom analytics, customer service, client value, and project management.



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