Connect Case Study Presentation

Digital First Communications: 

Driving On-going Member Engagement and Satisfaction


Presented at NRECA Connect 2023 by:

Jennifer Cummings, Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator, Horry Electric Cooperative and Danny Watkins, Sr. Account Manager, Apogee Interactive

Hear how Horry Electric Cooperative uses Apogee’s digital platform and digital-first engagement strategy to engage members, drive programs, and onboard new members, ultimately improving member satisfaction and ranking ahead of their peers. Attendees will learn what makes a digital message relevant, what personalized data is possible in messages and the effectiveness of video in driving engagement. Understand what’s required from the cooperative in terms of staff resources and data to implement this solution. Finally, learn what results are possible as Horry shares their results about reduced calls to their energy management department and an increase to their ACSI and member engagement scores.

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