Apogee Case Study

The Evolution of Personalized Video in The Energy Industry


Personal video messaging can help electric cooperatives better educate members on their energy consumption and support programs and services vital to today’s utility. Learn how personal video messaging has evolved since the first pilot by Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) in 2015. This pilot was met with overwhelming, positive response from members and garnered unprecedented member engagement. Today ODEC has expanded personal video messaging to six of its member cooperatives. The outreach has now grown beyond bill explanation to support demand response programs like “Beat the Peak” and storm preparedness videos. In this session, attendees will review the results from 2 years of development, best practices, and lessons learned, and hear how creating personal video messages has achieved extraordinary member engagement.

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Presented at NRECA Connect 2017 by:

Lauren Irby, Southside Electric Cooperative
Cindy Smallwood, Apogee Interactive

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