Are Field Audits Dead?


Presented by Susan Gilbert, CEO and Joel Gilbert, Chief Software Architect, Apogee Interactive

April 16, 2020


Perhaps it is a sign of the times. Right now, with social distancing and fears of contagion, people don’t want strangers in their homes. Add to that health and safety risks from people driving to the site, climbing through hot attics, and possibly crashing through ceilings.

The clincher in the demise of field audits may well be cost-effectiveness. Considering the “all-in” cost of an onsite energy audit including scheduling, travel, labor, overhead, equipment, report preparation and delivery, field energy audits typically costs $150 to $300 and higher if travel to the site and any blower door or duct blaster equipment is involved.

The smart home is also accelerating the shift away from field audits. Here advances in technology and new communication channels have made alternatives to onsite audits far superior and more insightful in delivering results, slashing costs, and delighting customers.

So, where are we in all this? Set aside an hour to listen to Susan and Joel Gilbert review the history of the field audit process, the best practices in the old model, and how modern energy utilities offer customers the ability to perform an online self-help audit. Hear how some utilities are using phone reps assist customers to complete questions they would otherwise have trouble answering.

Our industry is evolving. Like the dodo birds, field energy audits may be headed for extinction, but utilities helping customers make wise energy decisions will never go out of vogue. Join us for a one-hour fun look back at how we got here and an intriguing view of what is to come.

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