Our Presenters

Amanda Levin, Senior Policy Analyst for the Climate & Clean Energy program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) , Washington D.C. Amanda’s work focuses on state and federal energy policy analysis, deep decarbonization modeling, life cycle greenhouse gas accounting, and utility regulatory and ratemaking issues.

She serves as the technical lead for NRDC’s Eastern Energy team, overseeing the development of modeling, analyses, and materials for NRDC’s advocacy in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Ms. Levin also serves as an expert witness for NRDC and partner organizations in front of state utility commissions and legislatures across the United States.

Ms. Levin was co-author of America’s Clean Energy Frontier, which assessed technological pathways for the U.S. to achieve emissions reductions consistent with a 2-degree warming scenario. This work is currently being expanded to reflect scenarios consistent with a 1.5-degree warming future.

Ms. Levin’s research on electric restructuring, utility business model design, dynamic pricing, energy efficiency program design, and economy-wide decarbonization strategies have also been published in a variety of academic press and journals.


Joel Gilbert, P.E. President, Apogee Interactive, brings five decades of applying mathematical methods in diverse challenges starting with the design of nuclear high-speed attack submarine power systems under Admiral Rickover for the Navy. From there, as Deputy Director of the New York Hospital Association, Joel developed the predictive algorithms that specified which type of doctors were needed in the ER or on-call depending on weather and yes, the phase of the moon!  He then went on to what most in this industry know him for, modeling cogeneration, peak shaving, and power production systems for large commercial and industrial firms for most of the larger US Investor Owned Utilities. Since founding Apogee in 1993, his analytical skills have been primarily devoted to leveraging technology to help utilities better serve their customers with cutting-edge applications.

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