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Apogee Interactive Launches Enhancements in Fall Release Package

Apogee delivers value-driven by customer preferences and market trends

Atlanta GA, Apogee Interactive announced today the release of its 2020 Feature Pack with significant advancements in its engagement platform and online tools. These improvements will result in increased customer satisfaction and help drive program participation. The new features will also pave the way for utilities to take advantage of marketing automation and more targeted communication with end-users.

According to Susan Gilbert, Apogee CEO, “Apogee is known in the energy industry for cutting-edge innovation based on the industry’s most accurate energy modeling and for perfecting best practices in customer engagement.  We do that by listening to our hundreds of utility clients directly and their millions of customers through online feedback.  Every year, we add valuable features and capabilities to enhance our platforms.  This 2020 release exceeds expectations by adding a comprehensive library of personalized videos, smart speaker notifications, and enhanced virtual energy audits to engage and delight customers.  Apogee’s analysis is conservative, honest, and the most accurate energy disaggregation available. The hallmark of our industry reputation, our energy-savings predictive models are unmatched. As our clients say, ‘It Just Works!’”

The 2020 feature pack for Enterprise customers includes a more intuitive design, with drill-down menus allowing users to navigate easily to what interests them the most.  Energy Savings Tips have been updated to the most recent industry standards and can be linked to a corresponding utility rebate or program for improved participation.

Enhancements to Envoy, Apogee’s proactive messaging platform, include the Targeted Video Bill, a condensed version of the standard video bill with a configurable ending that can promote utility programs, explain rate options, and more. Utilities using Envoy will now have access to an extensive library of these endings, along with the option for A/B testing to help gauge the effectiveness of email templates, subject lines, images, and types of videos. The Feature Pack introduces an enhanced version of Special Purpose Calculators, allowing end-users to make more informed decisions regarding the cost of ownership and maintenance of an HVAC system and new or used electric vehicles.

Finally, the millions of households Apogee serves through hundreds of utility clients can now receive notifications through Alexa with the new Energy Advisor skill. This skill can easily be enabled and linked to a customer’s account so they can receive the same information in the video bill analysis, mid-cycle alerts, and seasonal communications through their smart speaker.

Apogee’s 2020 Feature Pack is available to existing customers beginning in Q4 2020.  This is just one of the ways the company “future-proofs” their clients by staying ahead of their needs and pushing on the envelope of what is possible in cost-effective, high impact, customer engagement.

About Apogee Interactive:

Apogee Interactive is the nation’s leading full-service provider of proactive customer engagement software services for utilities. Serving the utility industry since 1993, Apogee’s digital engagement platform is used by hundreds of North American utilities from coast to coast, including some of the largest and most progressive, such as Southern Company, Consolidated Edison, Lakeland Electric, and Jackson EMC. For more information visit or on LinkedIn.

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