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Apogee Offers Solutions to Key Issues Facing the Energy Industry

Apogee Reveals the Breadth of the 2018 Feature Pack Release

Apogee Interactive revealed extensive updates to their energy analysis and communications platform Empower on four exclusive online user events held this week. Throughout the year Apogee’s account representatives work closely with utilities to address issues of concern. Representatives then report those ideas back to Apogee’s development team which in turn produces digital solutions and improvements to the current platform.

Speaking to the user group, Apogee’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lynn England said, “Today’s energy industry is undergoing tremendous change. We are finding our utility clients are concerned about topics such as promoting beneficial electrification through electric vehicles, communicating solar and net metering, and using creative digital engagement that catches the eyes and attention of their customers. This year’s feature pack will address these subjects and more.”

The new feature pack for enterprise customers includes solar and net metering options embedded into the home profile. This feature will allow utilities to address community solar, and rooftop solar. Social media tools such as responsive public service videos and advertisements to drive awareness of programs are included in this feature pack.

Utilities that subscribe to Apogee’s outbound communications service, Envoy, will now have access to a full video library of more than 50 videos. The 2018 feature pack introduces an interactive video that allows users to choose topics of interest, click on a link to relevant utility programs and give feedback. These videos all end with a call to action decided by the utility.

All Apogee clients will now have access to the electric vehicle module installed as part of the home profile to help customers understand the impact of EV’s on their home energy use. In addition, all users will now experience a guided tour that will enhance the customer experience and insure higher completion rates. Improvements and updates have also been applied to the home energy libraries, and Kid’s Korner energy education content. Users will also have the option to select if they rent or own their home, this feature allows recommendations to be relevant to a homeowner or renter.

Apogee’s standalone Field Audit application now allows field auditors to access historical data, start where they left off, or print a blank input form where there is no connectivity. The field audit user interface has been updated to improve and streamline the experience and provide more detail.

The Empower Platform includes a proprietary RESNET® accredited energy analysis engine that drives accuracy and consistency. This SaaS suite includes energy calculators, energy forecasting, reference libraries, promotional, and public service videos as well as a full outbound communications system that includes personalized video bill explanations, conditional response bill summary video, and energy alerts. Each of these applications are designed to collect marketing intelligence to further enhance and personalize the customer experience.

About Apogee Interactive:

Apogee Interactive is the nation’s leading full-service provider of proactive customer engagement software services for utilities. Serving the utility industry since 1993, Apogee’s digital engagement platform is used by hundreds of North American utilities from coast to coast, including some of the largest and most progressive, such as Southern Company, Consolidated Edison, Lakeland Electric, and Jackson EMC. For more information visit or on LinkedIn.

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