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Utilities Welcome New Customers Creating Positive First Impressions

Winning Onboarding Strategies Pay Dividends to Utilities

Apogee Interactive announced today that their utility clients see a 10% increase in program participation using Apogee’s ENVOY™ Customer Engagement Platform to send Personalized Video Messaging welcoming new customers.  Welcome messages are customers’ first exposure to ongoing video messaging dialogue from the Automated Marketing System intelligently targeting the right message at the right time to a customer.

In a recent pilot with Jones Onslow EMC, the new member onboarding strategy included a series of intelligently targeted and delivered emails containing personalized messages correlating with the beginning of the customer’s service. Each message contained a relevant call to action dramatically increasing the likelihood the customer will review and participate in programs.

The strategy includes three welcome emails with personalized videos:

  1. Introduction of the utility with links to available payment options,
  2. Explanation of the bill with links to online bill payment, and
  3. Information about programs and rebates matched to the customer’s profile and energy use, including sign-up links.

Nils Frenkel, Apogee’s VP of Sales, explained, “The first encounter a customer has with a brand is the most critical point in the customer journey. It sets the tone for the relationship going forward.” He continued, “Utilities using the onboarding strategy engage their customers at a deeper level which leads to more beneficial interactions moving forward.”

Analysis also indicates that utilities using the platform are finding an increase in customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, and as much as a 15% reduction in high bill calls.  Using the Apogee ENVOY solution frees employees to focus on other important functions. Surveys of customers receiving the video communications report that 95% would like to continue to receive the personalized messaging.

Steve Goodson, JOEMC’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Business Strategy, further mentioned two key takeaways “First, Apogee’s automated solution for sending welcome emails to our members was straightforward and easy. It also freed up our staff to focus on other projects. Secondly, we were excited about the use of professional videos in every email, even more so about the level of personalization within the videos that provided extraordinary value to our members without putting demands on internal resources.”

To learn more about the Jones Onslow EMC Welcome Series pilot, watch our 30-minute overview: Click here to learn more.

Apogee Press Releases

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