Solar Shenanigans

Webinar Presented: Oct. 5, 2021


Windows that pay for themselves?  Free solar for your home?  Get even with the power company?

Shams and scams have been with us for decades, but the most interesting thing is how sophisticated they have become.

Perhaps we lower our guard because we have become suspicious of big business, but the latest games being played by solar installers really take the cake.

How do they spin straw into gold?  Very simply, they use some of the age old tricks along with some very clever sleight of hand.

Please join us for a quick review of their tricks and traps lead by Joel Gilbert who uncovered these many times in the past when he confronted cogeneration, peak shaving, gas cooling, and many other deals that seemed just too good to be true.

Plus, if you face these or similar issues you may want to join Apogee’s working group on a Solar Analysis Toolkit that complements Apogee’s online Energy Advisor that currently includes solar panel performance comparisons.

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