Vote for Sydney Roberts, Ph.D., AESP Board of Directors

All AESP Members in good standing are eligible to vote Oct. 7th 2021 – Watch your email for your personalized AESP Ballot.

Why is she uniquely qualified? 

 Apogee is proud to announce that Sydney G. Roberts, our Technical Director, is on the slate for the AESP Board of Directors. When it comes time to cast your vote, we wanted to share why we believe she will make a remarkable Board Member.

1. There are three types of people in the world. Those who Make Things Happen, those who Watch Things Happen, and those who Wonder What Happened. Sydney is clearly in the small, elite group MAKING things happen, which is what effective Boards need.

2. She’s volunteering for all the right reasons. Sydney does not promote an agenda, a position, product, or a company. She works toward the advancement of whatever cause she has determined to be worthy of her support and leadership. In this case, the cause of Energy Efficiency and AESP’s mission toward achieving those goals for all.

3. Her employer and co-workers fully support her taking on this role.  We know the time commitment, travel, and participation needed to fulfill the demands of occupying one of the Board seats.  Sydney is aware of the need to attend, actively participate and most importantly, contribute to the Association’s success.

4. Her academic background from Stanford where she earned a BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, gives her the confidence, and brings the respect an effective Board Member needs.  That combined with her 13 years leading Southface Energy Institute’s Building Science area gives her deep and well-rounded perspective on the energy and environmental issues facing our utilities and their customers.

5. Sydney is smart, passionate, thoughtful, fair, considerate, tough, and shares deep personal commitment to the AESP mission

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