Innovations in Optimizing Your EV Program

July 29, 2021 | 2:00 PM Eastern

As EVs surge in popularity, utilities have new opportunities to partner with customers in creative and beneficial ways.  One of the most exciting is engaging customers to charge their cars in concert with utility rates and system peak loads, all with no new hardware to install in the vehicle or in the home!

On this webinar:

Brian Greenfield, Regulatory Analyst, Energy Efficiency, Eversource will discuss the importance of understanding EV charging patterns, educating customers about EV charging, and ultimately managing EV demand on the grid.

Scott Dimetrosky, President, Rolling Energy Resources will share how they are monitoring EV battery state-of charge, charging location, and time, to enhance customer education and economics while coordinating this resource to the dynamic load conditions on the local grid.

Kim Johnson, Key Account Manager, Apogee will demonstrate how using video messaging, and artificial intelligence to target homes with EVs, creates a personalized, proactive, and positive experience, that has proven to be highly impactful to customers and increases program participation.

Join us for a one-hour whirlwind tour of how marrying cutting-edge communication techniques with monitoring and charge control can up the game of any utility EV program.


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