7 Critical Points in the Lifecycle Where You Must Engage Customers!

May 17, 2018 | 2:00 pm Eastern

Join Apogee’s Karen Morris and special guest DMA Hall of Famer, Ernan Roman, president of ERDM Corp., for a one hour webinar where he will share powerful guidelines for deepening customer experiences at 7 essential points in the customer lifecycle. These are the critical points where B2C and B2B decision makers expect personalized value and support from service providers.

Also, learn why today’s CX, personalization and personas are not effective, yet, in spite of privacy concerns, customers are willing to provide deep explicit preference data in exchange for “smart and authentic” personalization and CX.

These insights and guidelines have emerged from thousands of hours of specialized Voice of Customer (VoC) research interviews his firm conducts for brands such as IBM, MassMutual, Microsoft, Gilt and QVC.

Ernan will also provide examples of how improving CX, personalization and customer engagement increases revenue.

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