Facing The Perfect Storm

June 4, 2020 | 2:00 Eastern

We can all see the storm clouds gathering. Like many other industries, energy providers are facing a crisis, customers have been sheltered-in-place at home and will incur higher bills from using more energy. In addition, summer heat will drive up the already higher bills. Many customers have lost their jobs and all or part of their income. This combination is likely to lower customer satisfaction in general plus cause them to delay bill payment or seek help.

Join Joel and Susan Gilbert for a one-hour session to discuss some solutions that have proven effective for utilities now facing this perfect storm.

What are your options? Your company has a choice: be proactive and supportive showing customers you understand their situations and are there to help. Or, by your silence, you will be perceived as cold and without compassion.

This timely webinar will feature 5 highly cost-effective techniques any utility can deploy now to lessen the blow these inevitable forces will inflict:

  1. Simple methods of showing customers you care about keeping them safe.
  2. Innovative ways of communicating payment options.
  3. Proactive, proven, pre-emptive techniques that reduce high bill calls.
  4. Helping customers help themselves in reducing their bills.
  5. Applications that help CSRs.

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