Finding Value in the Sea of Analytics

October 19, 2017 | 2:00 Eastern

We are bombarded with messages using analytics at the root. You can’t escape the impacts: look at something on Amazon and it haunts you no matter where else you look with a browser. Facebook, Google, and a host of other companies are worth billions because of what they know about us.

Is there are a parallel universe the energy utilities can use based upon what we know about our customers? Join Joel Gilbert, Apogee’s President and industry visionary for a one-hour webinar where he will lay out some very safe value streams every utility can rightfully use based upon billing histories and smart meter data if available.

Joel will illustrate how much information is locked up in this data and how it can be monetized to customers, trade allies, and the usual EE and DR partners to the industry. After all, the utility has the billing history for all consumers, knows where they are, and of course knows their payment history on those bills.


* Which homes are natural candidates for HVAC upgrades?
* Who might be interested in a performance contracted home retrofit?
* Which homes make the best DR candidates?
* Who might be willing to pay extra for home monitoring services?
*How can these analytics be used to routinely engage these consumers?

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