Good Enough Isn’t!

May 23, 2023 | 2:00 Eastern

You often hear the phrase “Well, it’s good enough” to simply check the box that you are finished with something.  The idea here is that cost-cutting and cheap solutions are the preferred approach and acceptable.  If you believe that, please think again. If you believe striving for excellence results in loyalty and lower costs of service, please join us for this thought-provoking talk by our founder, Joel Gilbert.  He will share some real-world examples from his experience working with most all the major energy utilities in the US focused on building customer trust.

Take a few minutes from your otherwise busy day to consider the customer engagement game from an excellence perspective.  Joel will offer several examples of how and why thinking something is just good enough is short sighted and dangerous to your customer relationships.  Worse yet, it results in lower acceptable rates of return in regulated environments and lost revenue opportunities everywhere.  Good enough simply isn’t!

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