Making the Smart Grid Relevant to Most People

March 30, 2017 | 2:00 PM Eastern

The energy industry has now made significant investments in advanced meters and have proven they can be valuable in behavioral demand response and to support pricing strategies reflecting cost differences in the time varying nature to electricity.  We also we now have compelling proof that customers do respond to this information where prepaid electricity has been offered and phone-based smart grid feedback is available, such as through PayGo and others.

With all this progress, getting customers in the mainstream to pay attention to smart grid data has been elusive.  This is a critical failure, as today’s energy executives seek to move beyond EE and DR in the customer engagement portfolio to offer energy marketplaces and enhanced energy services.  For example, some are offering automated filter replacements.  Others are offering HVAC warrantee, and even whole home energy affordability guarantees.

Are we still trying to sell death insurance?  That is what life insurance was originally called … and as a result they couldn’t sell it.  Do we need to recast smart grid engagement strategies in things that are not precisely correct but are precisely what customers are looking for?  Are we on the right track, or are we missing the key point?  How do we get to mainstream?

Join us as trusted industry visionary, Joel Gilbert shares what we have learned and where this is all going as the IoT and utility information platforms expand to include this information.

Plus, those of you who have not yet made a smart-meter investment will hear several ways to create surrogate smart grid engagement platforms … engaging customers with alternative, possibly better, and certainly less expensive informational platform methods.


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