Moving Utilities Beyond Engagement Toward Empowerment

April 16, 2019 | 2:00 PM Eastern

Join Apogee’s Brenda Guthrie and Milepost Consulting’s CEO, Sabrina Cowden, for a look at engagement strategies that deliver impressive results. We’ll share how utilities facing daunting challenges like rate transformation and brand perception can improve by nurturing strong relationships with their customers. You will learn how behavioral science, and messaging framework combined with a powerful outbound messaging and data modeling platform can help utilities meet their objectives.

We’ll discuss proven methods that:
• Increase Program Participation
• Communicate Rates Effectively
• Drive Revenue Enhancement
• Improve Operational Efficiency
• Raise Customer Satisfaction
• Encourage Self-Service

Is your utility embracing the role of the trusted energy advisor? Are you answering your customers energy concerns? Register today and learn about all the possibilities!

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