Proven Strategies for Growing Email and Phone Number Lists

January 25, 2018 | 2:00 Eastern

The need to be digitally connected with customers is becoming a priority with utilities. This requires obtaining and maintaining customer email addresses and mobile numbers while managing outbound communication campaigns. Benefits of digital engagement include lower cost to serve, improved customer satisfaction, higher program involvement and greater loyalty. Some utilities are on the cutting edge, while others are just getting started.

Join us for a one hour, discussion sharing how some utilities have gone from having no customer email addresses to having more than 80% of their customers’ contact information. Leading investor-owned utilities including Duke Energy, and PPL Electric Utilities along with two of the nation’s largest cooperatives, LCEC, and Jackson EMC, will share techniques, what worked, what didn’t, tips and lessons learned along the path to achieving high levels of digital engagement with customers. Researchers from E Source will share insights, benchmarks, and data points from their vast repertoire of studies for hundreds of utilities. Apogee will share from the front-lines of digital customer engagement what entices customers into building valuable relationships.

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