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February 27, 2017 | Blog

Giving Auditors the Tools They Need to be Efficient and Effective

Utilities easily spend as much as $75 to execute a field audit then another $200 to $500 per audit to deliver. In addition, energy companies spend millions on marketing to generate awareness around energy efficiency programs, only to find poor participation in audit programs.

So what’s in it for a utility? How do you measure a successful audit? Apogee recently surveyed energy professionals representing 22 states across all regions of the US.

When asked, “What is most important to your utility when conducting audits?” Overall, 60% cited increased program participation and providing actionable recommendations.

By Industry, segment findings show:

  • 45% of municipals want to provide actionable recommendations.
  • 66% of IOUs are driven by program participation.
  • 26% of cooperatives equally ranked program participation and collecting home profiles and were the only segment that expected to lower costs measuring 33%.

“How do utilities measure audit success?” Overall 39% agreed that customer satisfaction is the driving factor.

  • 39% of municipals agree that customer satisfaction is a success measure. Bill resolution and accuracy ranked a close second at 28%.
  • 43% of IOUs placed program participation as an indicator of a successful audit and customer satisfaction placed second at 28%.
  • 44% of cooperatives ranked customer satisfaction as most important. Cooperatives were the only attendees that emphasized the importance of reducing the number of audits.

This survey confirms the importance of providing auditors with an application that is easy to use, time-saving, and engaging to customers. Data presented in an easy and engaging format for customers is a must.  Reports generated onsite or as follow up should contain personalized program recommendations and using a pre-screening tool increases the probability of eliminating a visit. These factors will reduce costs, increase program participation, and improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Apogee’s field audit applications or email info@apogee.net or 678-684-6800.


About The Author

Karen D. Morris

Karen manages Apogee’s corporate marketing efforts as well as Apogee’s marketing resource service. For the past 16 years, she’s worked closely with utilities across the country to help them better market their programs, and improve customer satisfaction through digital engagement. She brings timely and informative webinars to energy professionals through Apogee Institute as well as directs Apogee’s annual Innovations conference.

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