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April 14, 2021 | Newsletter

Apogee Rockets Up Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard


Apogee is pleased to share that the latest Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard on Home Energy Management (HEM) ranks us among the top four performers in a field of fifteen.  While the field of players has become more crowded during the last two years, Apogee leaped ahead of power industry behemoths and outranked eleven other providers.  

Most notably, the company achieved the highest ratings in the critical categories of Go-To-Market Strategy, Technology, Production Strategy, and Product Quality & Reliability for their artificial intelligence (AI) powered, personalized, customer engagement platform. 

The study is based on primary research gained from phone and in-person interviews with industry leaders including executives, engineers, and marketing professionals from every part of the value chain, including technology companies, utilities and other service providers, industry associations, government agencies, and the investment community. It shows dramatic growth in the HEM marketplace since 2018 in terms of players and market size.  

Apogee is singled out for providing utilities with software delivering personalized, proactive, digital communications to customers using AI and predictive analytics to make messages timely and relevant.  The messages help customers manage their home’s energy use and support our transition to a greener energy future. 

In addition to reports and notifications, Apogee uses personalized videos that explain energy bills, request DR-event participation, and provide high and mid-cycle bill alerts. These videos are interactive, allowing consumers to select viewing options during the video that are relevant to their interests. The company has also developed an Amazon Alexa skill that explains a customer’s energy bill and provides savings tips.

The report calls Apogee’s market position enviable, saying, “As long as Apogee maintains the quality and scope of its offerings, where it scored exceptionally well, it should be well-positioned to maintain its position or even move up on the Leaderboard in the future.” The company serves some of the industry’s largest and most progressive top-tier IOUs along with hundreds of smaller cooperatives and municipals through aggregated purchase by G&Ts and Joint Action Agencies.  

 “As long as Apogee maintains the quality and scope of its offerings, where it scored exceptionally well, it should be well-positioned to maintain its position or even move up on the Leaderboard in the future.

Key to Apogee’s success is the creative use of the industry’s most accurate and refined predictive energy modeling engines using AI-powered disaggregation algorithms that power an entire suite of applications and services.  What began as the highly rated “virtual” energy audit has now morphed into outbound Personalized Video Messages and sophisticated tools that help customers understand their energy use, ways to save, and how to optimize their home’s performance.  

According to Apogee CEO, Susan Gilbert, “We are pleased to have sped through the Contender category to border the Leader quadrant in just two years. I am especially proud of being ranked higher than all the providers in Go to Market Strategy and being among the top performers in four other critical areas of performance. Only our geographic focus on the North American market held us back, but we see the international market as an opportunity for future growth.”

Click Here to access Guidehouse Insight’s Leaderboard report overview.  

Spring Is In The Air!

 Spring is a wonderful time of renewal as dormant dirt and bare branches come alive sprouting colorful new life.  Here at Apogee, our spring has mirrored nature with a bouquet of colorful new logos joining our client ranks. From our northern borders to the Caribbean and from coast-to-coast we are seeing record interest in virtual services and effective customer engagement.  Utilities are embracing customers and building ongoing dialogues with them at an accelerating pace, and their customers are loving it.  

This trend along with four others was featured in our Top 5 Trends article released in January.  If you have not seen it, you can download it here.  Unlike the barrage of predictions that come out each year from research and consulting firms reviewing the entire industry landscape, our predictions are narrowly focused in our market niche, the utility-customer interface…where the business meets the buyer.  

We were delighted to be covered in the new Guidehouse Report by Jessie Mehrhoff, Remote Engagement Strategies to Enroll Customer-Sited DER  In it, Apogee’s methods are mentioned as leading the way in modernizing Home Energy Reports. We are considered best-in-class for several reasons.

 Most important, as Jessie points out, we avoid risky and often resented comparisons to neighbors.  Our focus is on making each customer’s home the best it can be.  Six years ago, we moved to outbound communication using personalized videos to deliver a message that produces far better outcomes than paper or generalized messaging.  

The four reasons this method works better are:

It is proven to increase customer engagement by factors 15 to 20x, so promotion dollars are better spent.

  1. On the backend, more results are produced from making personalized recommendations with dollarized savings and programs link making it easy to participate, and
  2. Costs of engaging customers are pennies vs. traditional methods that are 10 or 20 times more expensive. Pennies vs. dollars.   
  3. One collateral benefit is a documented 15% reduction in high bill calls.

And the fact that customers love the videos is the icing on the cake.  We have seen JD Power scores leap 24 to 100 points from using these outbound communication methods.  And 99% of those responding requested to continue receiving the videos from their utility.  Over all these years, opt-outs have been minuscule.  

With spring being a time of renewal and making fresh starts, if your utility would like to pilot video messaging, let us know.  

The high-impact time for messaging begins in May when customers are seeing higher summer bills.  

Getting set up takes four to six weeks, so getting started now will assure you are up and running before the heat hits.    

Apogee Institute Webinar:
Carbon Accountability Today, Tomorrow, and Into the Future

April 22, 2021 – 2 PM – 3 PM Eastern 

Celebrate Earth Day with Amanda Levin, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Apogee’s Chief Software Architect, Joel Gilbert P.E. Join us for a strategic overview about how carbon accountability will likely emerge at the consumer engagement interface. 

 In March, Apogee’s Chief Software Architect, Joel Gilbert P.E., and Ahmad Faruqui, Ph.D. and Principal, The Brattle Group took a look at the “wild side” and described the “must dos” in the frontier of electric and natural gas rate design. If you missed this important discussion, you have the opportunity to listen for your 


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