The Results are In

June 16, 2021 | Blog


Apogee has recently collected and analyzed results from utilities using our outbound engagement platform for the first quarter and the results are in. We are proud to announce that with approximately 2 million messages sent by IOUs, Co-ops, and Municipals, our Video Bill Explanation received click-through rates as high as 30%. Utilities sending Mid-Cycle Alerts saw open rates up to 50%.

Cultivating lasting relationships requires continued engagement with customers and the importance of customers receiving proactive and personalized messaging. In doing this, utilities can create more effective campaigns and engage customers before a crisis.

As one utility customer stated, “I love everything about these videos.” “Thanks for all you do! It’s been a hard year for everyone. Please continue to help us learn about lowering our utility bill.”

Apogee will continue to track statistics and report the findings throughout the year. Our unique vantage point gained by serving hundreds of utilities allows us to share proven strategies that help utility professionals meet and exceed their goals.

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