Effective Strategies for Utility Email Engagement

September 2, 2021 | Blog

Building a clean, actionable email list is key to cultivating a community of loyal members.

Collecting email addresses and maintaining an updated email list can be a daunting task, but it is essential to sustain effective email campaigns. Email marketing is a proven way to nurture relationships increase customer satisfaction, and engagement.

Apogee client, Jones-Onslow (JOEMC) has had much success with updating member emails which assists with improving the overall engagement rates and deliverability. Jones Onslow EMC serves 75,000 meters that equates to 64,000 unique members of those unique members Jones Onslow EMC has just under 50,000 member emails. That is more than 78% of their member base.

What is the secret to Jones-Onslow’s success?

  • Member representatives always review and update contact information when a member calls in.
  • Digital ads in company publications and on social media inform members about the benefits of keeping contact information current.
  • Emails are relevant, timely, and include engaging videos with personalized content.

The cooperative also sends a letter periodically to the approximately 15,000 members that are missing email addresses. This mailing includes a stamped post card to make is easy to drop in the mail and instructions about how to update their email address online if they prefer. As an incentive, members that respond within a 30-day window are entered into a drawing to win a gift card.

Creating a polished email list coupled with Apogee’s automated outbound platform designed to create a positive first impression from the moment a member begins electric service achieved great results for Jones Onslow EMC which included a 10.1% increase in program participation.

Learn more about Jones Onslow EMC’s winning outbound communications strategy, listen to our recent presentation “First Impressions Count

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