The Future of Regulatory Horse Trading

February 23, 2022 | Blog

Our founder, Joel Gilbert, has a reputation for humorous, forward-looking, and provocative thinking. His webinars over the past two years have illustrated where some of the customer energy engagement opportunities have transitioned from energy efficiency to the deeper customer needs of choice, comfort, and control. He has pointed out that carbon is emerging alongside traditional energy and demand response objectives. Clearly this is a complex and diverse portfolio of customer engagement agendas and engagement messaging.

Next month Joel will host a dialogue with Georgia Commissioner Tim Echols about how the process of least cost planning has worked here in Georgia and how the traditional concept of externalities has become an increasing element in the process of energy regulation. While the situation here in Georgia may not reflect those elsewhere, the elements are all here. We have a nuclear plant that is going to cost more than market values but is critical to a low carbon future. We have significant electric vehicle penetration but the desire to reduce energy burden on lower income citizens also needs to be a part of any regional plan. How do we manage this portfolio in the near and longer term?

Please set aside the time to listen to this lighthearted conversation. They will review this from what we have learned about the horse trading that got us here, and how it is likely to be best navigated in the future.

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