CS WEEK 2023

Digital engagement to help you solve the CX puzzle and

drive customer satisfaction


Apogee’s digital customer engagement platform,

especially personalized video messaging, delivers proven results for utilities.

 Actual results from a recent IOU pilot deployment:


  • +5 Net Promoter Score among those receiving
  • 46% average open and nearly 8% CTR, significantly higher than 2% industry average
  • 60% less likely to call the call center

Communicate and engage customers effectively using digital first

communications about topics such as: 


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EV Customer Engagement?


The accelerating growth of electric vehicles (EVs) is creating significant challenges and opportunities for electric utilities. Not sure how your utility can minimize risks and take advantage of the opportunities, or how customer engagement drives success?

Read the white paper, EV Challenges and Opportunities for Utilities. Learn more about Apogee’s new EV Customer Journey digital communications and engagement solution.

> Learn about EV Customer Engagement 

Learn best practices for “digital first” communication. Watch the webinar, “Customer Communications Amid Rising Inflation & Increasing Rates.”

Discover how Fayetteville PWC is using “digital first” communication related to bills, rate options, and customer onboarding to increase customer satisfaction considerably and how educating customers helps reduce call volume in spite of inflation and increasing electricity rates.

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