Webinar: Presented April 22, 2021

Carbon Accountability Today, Tomorrow, and Into the Future

Most of the conversation about decarbonization has been about energy sources (wind, solar, etc.) utilities can use. However, it is also clear that end use customer choices are important as well. Customers want to know how these choices impact their carbon footprint and costs. Come join us for a strategic overview about how carbon accountability will likely emerge at the consumer engagement interface. Amanda Levin from the NATURAL RESOURCE DEFENSE COUNCIL will join us for a conversation about her landmark research supporting these questions.

Customers are going to want to know what they can do about their energy use choices to help reduce carbon and possibly save money. While EVs are certainly in this list, how would charging them at different times of the day make a difference? Some customers might be willing to accept higher costs that reduce carbon as well. Would changing from natural gas for space and water heating to heat pumps save money and carbon? How might comparisons like this change as natural gas lowers its carbon content? What is really going to be needed in successfully engage consumers, offer choice optionality, and perhaps most importantly require carbon measurement today, tomorrow and into the future?  SPEAKER BIOS

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