Managing Customer Expectations in the Face of Rising Bills.

July 21, 2022 | 2:00 Eastern

Throughout the pandemic, households across the country have faced various hardships, which in many cases, have continued to impact financial health today. Now, rising electric and gas rates pose additional challenges. So how can utilities help their customers rather than just being seen as profit-driven corporations?

Join JD Power’s Director of Utility Intelligence, Adrian Chung, and Apogee’s COO and Executive VP, Jim Malcom. for this one-hour special event. We’ll discuss the most recent findings from JD Power and review proven digital strategies that align directly with the criteria used in the JD Power Residential Customer Satisfaction survey.

Talking Points Include:

  • High bills don’t guarantee low satisfaction
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate… tell your own story
  • Increased customer engagement can help change utility perceptions and drive satisfaction
  • Proactive digital strategies that address customer’s expectations and increase customer satisfaction

Speaker Bios

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