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April 26, 2018 | Blog

Facebook has updated its algorithm to go “back to the basics” in an effort to promote meaningful interactions between real people. The most recent update to Facebook’s algorithm, which just happened this year, prioritizes those posts that create meaningful conversation while giving more weight to active interactions like comments and shares. Facebook has made this change to encourage person-to-person connections, which it deems more valuable than a person-to-page connection.

This new algorithm follows the infamous 2016 change that limited Page reach to 30 percent of a business Page’s audience. These changes, coupled together, have made it more important than ever for brands to be sure they’re posting content that focuses on creating personal connections or that is conversation-worthy. Brands now have to work harder and smarter to create those meaningful conversations with influencers, customers, vendors and others that associate with their business

If you’re a brand or business with a presence on social media, I’m sure you’re now thinking, if it’s so hard and so few people are going to see my content, what’s the point? Despite the changes on social media, your audience is still there! Facebook still has two billion users, and the majority of time spent on social media happens there. If your customers and potential customers are there, then you should be, too.

So, how exactly do you create content that engages your audience, creates fans and keeps them coming back? Here are a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction:

  • Post stories and features on your employees, processes or even causes your company supports – whatever showcases the real people or driving forces behind the company. Pull back the curtain on your company and humanize your brand to increase customer trust. Client Jackson EMC works with spokesperson Ty Pennington to promote its Right Choice Homes program, and they recently shared a behind-the-scenes post showcasing their team and what it’s like to create the videos. The post featured five photos and earned 56 reactions, nine shares and three comments!
  • Creating a loyal group of brand advocates comprised of vendors, clients and other people in your network is a great tool. These people can be your third-party promoters that vouch for your product and services through positive reviews and strong engagement.
  • Use video to reach a larger audience. Video consistently receives more views and engagement than other media forms. Client Georgia Power recently shared a video featuring a veteran lineman talking about the skills he’s learned through his 36-year career. The video received 2,700 views, 49 reactions, 14 shares and 5 comments in just 24 hours!
  • Go beyond edited video and use Facebook Live. On average, people watch live videos longer than videos on demand – 34.5 minutes versus 2.6 minutes! In addition, the engagement rate for live video is typically double that of other videos. (Source)
  • Utilize popular hashtags or relevant events that are important to your clients or potential customers. The energy industry celebrates Lineman Appreciation Day each year, and most electric companies see incredible engagement on posts about that day. This year, client Kankakee Valley REMC posted on that day encouraging followers to #ThankALineman. The post earned 38 reactions, 4 shares and 8 comments.

In addition to requiring the creation of meaningful conversations, the new algorithm changes make it even more important for brands to pay to play on Facebook. Advertising is a guaranteed way to get your content seen by your desired audience despite the recent changes, and massive budgets aren’t always required to have an impact.

Facebook advertising allows you to accomplish a variety of goals, whether it be driving traffic to a specific page on a website, growing page likes or even increasing event RSVPs. In addition, Facebook allows you to target a defined audience using demographics including location, age, income and even behaviors. And, since Instagram is owned by Facebook, your ads can be cross-posted on Instagram as well.

It’s important that your company have a presence on Facebook and that your content is creating meaningful conversations throughout all of your communications channels. Need help getting your customers engaged in meaningful conversations? Consider Apogee’s outbound customer engagement platform, Envoy. Envoy provides video communication tools, alerts, email reports and many other useful digital engagement strategies to start proactive and relevant conversations. Learn more about Envoy here. 

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